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Dear Salwanian,

We congratulate you on your success in the Board Examination and wish you all the best for your future. It is indeed a momentous occasion for you because you will now be entering a new phase of your life from school to college. However, the 12 years you have spent in this beautiful institution has given you the branding of a Salwanian---'Once a Salwanian, forever a Salwanian'. The family of Salwanians grows each year but there is something which weaves them together in a common thread. This bonding should never become weak. All steps should be taken to strengthen this link.

As you all know, SPOSAMV is an ex-Salwanians Association which keeps in touch with the ex-students as well as the school and help through interactions and other activities. In other words, it is a forum to unite and share nostalgic moments.

However, meaningful activities cannot be undertaken without adequate finances. Hence, we request you to become life members by paying a nominal fee. The requisite Membership fee as follows:

(i) One time Admission fee of Rs. 500/-
(ii) Annual fee of Rs. 500/- per year or part thereof,


One time Life Membership fee of Rs. 5,000/-

Those Salwanians, who are interested in taking up some responsibility should either get in touch with the school on the email ID – spsmv59@rediffmail.com, sps.mv@gmail.com

We would look forward to your valuable suggestions.

With warm regards,

Yours truly,

( Kiran Mehta)
Salwan Public School
Mayur Vihar, Phase- III
Delhi- 110096



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