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Global Partnerships

Global Partnership…a term that has become part of every man's active vocabulary has very deep connotations and implications. The little genre - the microchip has been respon-sible for opening up new vistas, opportunities and service for every man, transcending in-ternational boundaries and breaking socio-economic political barriers and has ushered in new value systems with a changed mind set.
Globalization in education has helped in crafting professionals to develop entrepreneurial skills for achieving business acumen, synthesizing conventional and modern thinking with global outlook and capabilities of adapting to the changing requirements.
Our school is all set to meet the International Standards and has begun to work towards Globalization. Partnership with International Organizations of repute like The British Council, Reggio Emilia Institute, Cambridge University; Cultural Exchange programmes with Australia, U.K, Singapore, France; and Projects on Sustainable Living with Interna-tional City Auroville have given a cutting edge to our curriculum.



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