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Hands on Approach

We have initiated a process through “Hands On Approach Programmes” where our children are being groomed at an early age to become Automobile Engineers since we believe energy and Sustainable Development Programmes are "Key" to the future growth, our students will excel… and be winners.



Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

Workshop on chemistry of cosmetics was organised for class XI students under Hands on Training program. In this workshop students learnt the preparation of liquid hand wash, nail paint, chalks and cosmetic powder. Students prepared all these cosmetics under the supervision of an expert with great enthusiasm. Most of the chemical required to prepare these cosmetics were available in laboratory. The experience helped them to relate chemistry with everyday life and made them more curious about the subject.




Our students overhauled a Maruti 800 engine and learnt about different parts of an engine i.e. intake valve, valve cover, intake port, head, oil pan, oil pump and how to fit together the same, what happens when an engine  goes through the cycle, which comprises of intake stroke, compression stroke, ignition stroke and exhaust stroke.  They also learnt what can go wrong with an engine e.g. bad fuel mix, lack of compression or lack of stroke, weak piston rings or faulty electrical regulator.


The next project was to bring a Scooty back to life.The students learnt  the basic mechanics of scooty, about the use of CDI( Capacitor Discharge Ignition), Starter, brakes and acceleration wires and got hands on experience of cleaning the Petrol Tank.




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