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Smart Classrooms

We live in a digital world where computers are part of student's daily lives. To be successful in this world, we need to allow students to use the technology so they can explore, discover, question, evaluate, create and communicate in the information age. With this belief we introduced Smart Technology in our classrooms.

The use of Smart Technology in classroom helps students in becoming more effective and critical users of this new age media, build their skills and encourage them to be creators and innovators. The use of computers in the classroom offers a variety of possible learning opportunities.
It helps teachers and students gather and record material, analyze collected data, evaluate options, collaborate with others, and present and communicate their findings. It also provides opportunity to gain a greater understanding of concepts that are taught and to share this understanding with others. Concepts that were theoretical till today are now been taught through visualizations which in turn lay a better impact on student's mind. While using technology, students can frequently work at their own pace. Feedback is provided immediately as action occurs. They become involved.





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