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Teachers Training


CBSE has decided to introduce artificial intelligence as an elective subject in class 9 and activity in class 8 hence conducted a 3 days training programme on Artificial Intelligence at DPS Ghaziabad from 02-07-2019 to 04-07-2019. Our computer faculty Ms Neelima has attended the same. It is a step by CBSE to enable the future generation of India to become “AI READY”. It aimed at developing the learner’s mind set and skill towards AI, it’s understand- ability and application. Impact of AI on sustainable development goals were also deliberated upon. A number of hands-on activities were conducted to explain the topic effectively.

Bett Asia Summit/Expo

Believing on the fact that educators worldwide need to build a changed culture of education to impart 21st century skills which are crucial for student success. We three faculty members (Ms. Bhawna Puri, Ms. Pooja Dhingra and Ms. Jyoti Chaudhary) of Salwan group of Schools went to attend Bett Asia - Summit cum Expo at Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia from 12th March 2019 to 13th March 2019. The summit brought together industry leaders, practitioners, professionals and inspirational figures to share ideas on how to support learning together through technology.


Jodo Gyan organized two days workshop to facilitate the teachers to teach different concepts of math using the introductory stories for word problems and 2d and 3d geometry.Different shapes and patterns were formed by developing shapes sense and place value and skip counting was discussed by using ganit mala. The resource person Mr. Shah discussed how mental math can be strengthened by playing juggling numbers with the help of cards. The next day’s session was conducted by Ms.Kanak on how Fractional numbers language was developed by using a fractional kit and a big dice. Addition and subtraction of fraction and equivalent fractions were discussed by playing games with the help of dice.The Decimal number and decimal operations were introduced with the help of previous knowledge of fraction.Quantitative understanding of decimal numbers was developed by playing a game with kit, cards and dice.


To give an insight to the students of class XI and XII, aCareer Fair on higher studies was organized on 29 July 16, in the school premises. A team of following nine universities from USA visited the school. • WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON COLLEGE(Washington, PA): PreetiRajendran • UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (Norman, OK): Dakota Horn • UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE – EXTENSION (Irvine, CA):Lai Man Tong • UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (Buffalo, NY): Amanda Poppe • SUNY PLATTSBURGH (Plattsburgh, NY): Carrie Woodward • SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN (Savannah, GA): Jack Muir • OHIO UNIVERSITY (Athens, OH): Vicki Seefeldt West • NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY (New York, NY): Kitty Koo The session began with a counseling-focused general presentation on higher education in the U.S by Mr.Ganesh, which included information on the degrees and scholarships available, application procedures and the SAT. The visiting American University admissions representatives introduce themselves, sharing critical information about each of their universities as well as details of their highly ranked programs and scholarship opportunities. After the presentation, students interacted individually with the representatives and had the chance to ask specific questions and speak about the universities, academic programs of interest, admissions and scholarships. This interactive visit helped the students to make important career decisions for their future.


The workshop was organized by British Council at Suryaa International on six main core skills i.e. Critical Thinking, Creativity and Imagination, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Literacy, Citizenship, Student Leadership and Personal Development. The workshop started with a discussion on difference between Deep Learning and surface learning. Different group and individual activities were done during the session like generating questions, creative thinking, refining you activity plan etc. . We learnt that the biggest effects on student learning occur when teachers become learners of their own teaching, and when students become their own teachers. The session was closed with the feedback. The next workshop will be in the month September wherein we will learn about any one core competency in details.


A Workshop on Internet Safety was organized by Learning Links Foundation in the School premises wherein all the students of Classes VII – X were involved. The workshop helped the students learn about Cyber Bullying, Personal Information, digital footprint, Meeting online friends, plagiarism, how and why to create strong passwords etc. Students also learnt that they should think before sharing and be careful on social sites. Students raised the queries related to Cyber Crimes which were very well handled by resource people. Students were very keen to learn about Internet Safety and enjoyed a lot.


CBSE organised two days capacity building programme on CCE. The session began with a warm welcome. Day1-All the sessions on Day 1 were taken by Ms Reema Alen

Training Programme at Reggio Emilia(ITALY)

Two teachers, Ms Shobha Chandra and Ms Rajshree went to attend the workshop-Third    International Summer School at Reggio Emilia, Italy from 5th-13th July. They learnt in depth pedagogical and cultural experience of the preschools known as Reggio Emilia approach. They also participated in creative pedagogical projects based on research and innovation.                                                                                                 

Workshop/Professional Development Emilia(ITALY)

 Day 1  - He taught various activities like Theorems in a boat – Pythagoras theorem, calculate pie  in bead method in a group activity.

Day – 2 Activities like -1 X -1 = 1 by graphical method as well as by tray method, calculate pie in boat folding, how to fold a circle in paper, area of square , parallelogram and quadrilateral with the help of paper folding

Day – 3 Session started with demonstration of various algebraic identities by paper folding. He also showed a video in which paper can be folded in more than 8 times, he also demonstrated making of solid shapes with origami.

Day 4 – Day started with programme by students of salwan girls school about “How to learn algebraic identities and table through music”, followed by activity of making freebie.

Overall  session was enriching and we came across many activities to make teaching innovative ways of teaching mathematics.


CLIL Programme

A workshop on ‘’ Assessment and Evaluation".

A workshop on ‘’ Assessment and Evaluation ’’was held on 22nd May 2014 at SPS ,Gurgoan. Four teachers of SPS ,MV had attended the workshop. Dr. Jitendra Verma(MC member),alumni of IIT Delhi and project manager of MGRM, explained about vision(to make an individual a complete personality)and domain(technology, medicare etc.)of his organization. The first session was started with the introduction to assessment and evaluation by Ms.Vandana, SPS,Afternoon. She explained that in school scenario, good curriculum standards and performance standards should have 80% planning,10% implementation and 10% feedback. In order to obtained the learning outcomes ,learning objectives should be defined well in advance. Second session was on cognitive levels and MCIs presented by Ms. Alka Prakash of SPS, Gurgaon. The objectives of the session were to discuss the different types of test items, various cognitive levels on the basis of revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and creating of good MCIs. Third Session was on evaluation of MCIs using standardized measures by Ms. Meenakshi Dahiya of SPS, Gurgaon. The workshop was concluded with valedictory feedback by Ms. Indu Kheterpal, Principal, SPS, Rajinder Nagar.

School attended the workshop on CCE, Assessment.

Five teachers  from our school attended the workshop on CCE, Assessment, How to frame MCI, .Calculation of p-value and Findlay’s Index etc. The resource persons were Ms.Vandana , Ms Meenakshi and Alka Prakash .Ms Rashmi  Mehta , Principal, SPSGurgaon  gave an introductory speech which was truly  enlightening and inspiring for all of us. Ms Vandana stressed upon learning objectives  and achieving goals in the classroom situation. Ms.Alka stressed on making of MCI , the type of items ,execution of the test   and evaluation  of the level of performance of the students. Ms Meenakshi explained the statistical part of the presentation i.e Calculation of p-value, and Findlay’s index. On the whole this helps us to make a better MCI Paper.

5th International Conference on Leadership was held at IIT Delhi.

5th International Conference on Leadership was held at IIT Delhi on 16-17th November 2013.The Chief Guest was Secretary of MHRD for school Education Mr.Bhattacharya. The Conference was initiated by Dr.Harish Choudhary and followed by many eminent speakers. The focus was mainly on why is vision important for school leaders? Speakers gave an insight on why Vision and values should be explored and what are the essential components of school environment. The conference tried to answers as to how to set benchmark and standards for the educational goals in the era of rapid change. Speakers also suggested a set of tools and resources to help improve quality of teaching and learning with proven, cost effective and sustainable approach to teacher training and professional development. It also focused on why principals need to shift their roles by inculcating ancient values along with scientific approach to produce good quality of teachers, engineers, etc. 

A Leadership Camp Beyond Horizon to Tapovan and Gomukh Glacier.

A Leadership Camp Beyond Horizon to Tapovan and Gomukh Glacier was organised during the month of June for the physical instructors of our institution. The aim of the programme was to Inculcate the spirit of adventure and comradeship, Instill self- confidence and an attitude of self – reliance, foster qualities of leadership, and develop self learning.


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