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School Uniform
School Uniform
Students must wear the prescribed school uniform. Modifications to the uniform are not allowed.
• Wearing low waist Skirts or Trousers is not permitted.
• Shirt and T-Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
• Boys’ hair should be kept short and neat at all times.
• Girls’ hair should be tied neatly and pinned up.
• Shoes of only prescribed pattern must be worn.
• Wearing jewellery or make up of any kind is not allowed in the school.
• Nails should be regularly trimmed and kept clean. Nail paint is not allowed in the school.
• Ties should be worn smartly with the collar button closed.
• Carry a handkerchief at all times.

 Summer (March –September)  Winter (October – March)
 • Blue Shirt (Half Sleeves)
 • Beige Skirt for Girls (Nur-V)
 • Salwar Kameez for Girls (VI–XII) 
 • Beige Shorts for Boys (Nur-V)
  • Beige Trousers for Boys (VI-XII) 
 • Blue Shirt (Full Sleeves)
 • Beige Trousers for Girls/Boys (I-V)
 • Salwar Kameez for Girls (VI-XII)
 • Beige Trousers for Boys (VI-XII)
 • School Sweater
 • School Jacket (I-V)
 • School Blazer (VI-XII)
 • School Tie for Boys
 • School Muffler for Girls
 • Track suit for girls and boys (Nur-KG) 


 To be worn throughout the year (Compulsory)  To be worn in winters (Optional)
 • School Belt, School Socks
 • Navy Blue Dastar or Turban for Sikh boys
 • Blue Hair Band or Ribbon for girls 
 • Black Shoes with Velcro (I-V) / Laces VI onwards 
  (Brand – Liberty Force)
  • Blue Shorts for Girls  
 • School Woollen Cap
 • School Muffler

Note: It is compulsory to wear Jacket and Blazers in the month of December and January.


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