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Admission Criteria
Intellectual Vitality - We look for individuals with a sense of curiosity, a desire to learn and experience.
Personal Qualities - We look for individuals whose character, background, interests will contribute to a stimulating diverse educational experience. While we strive to know more about you and your child through group meetings and discussions, we ultimately admit individuals and not categories of people. Admission is open to all children irrespective of caste, creed, or religion, subject to availability of seats.

1.A challenging curriculum which will bring out the best in your child.
2.Child Development workshops and seminars for an effective working relation.
3.A good and effective transport system (on selected routes) in place with good security available round the clock.
4.Regular medical checkups for your child undertaken by professionals with school doctor maintaining a  proper Health
card, updating you on your child's medical needs.

The Requirements and the Criteria:
Remember, that each application is individual and we look forward to getting to know you through the process.
A complete registration form would include the following:
1.Registration form.
2.Confirmation of the child residing in catchments area.
3.Two photographs of your child with the parents.
4.Proof of Residence (Photocopy of Ration card/ Passport/ Voter's Identity Card).
5.Photocopy of Birth Certificate, duly attested.

You may apply once in a given year.
Donations are not accepted and admission is solely on merit.
Parents should not approach any person for processing recommendations for admission.
Entry to the school is purely on merit basis. After submitting the application form duly filled up, the children are called to take the written test.
The parents of the selected students are then called for the interview. The final list of the students is announced on merit basis and the availability of seats.
Entry to the school at the Nursery level is open to the children in the age group of 3+ as on 30th September of the academic year in which the admission is sought.
The application form duly filled up is to be deposited in the school office by the prescribed date as advertised.
Photographs of the parents and child along with a photocopy of the Election I-Card/Ration card and birth certificate are to be attached with the Application form. Admission is merit based and is open to all children subject to the availability of seats.


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