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Global Event of Solar Assemblage - 2nd October 2019

Fifty students along with five teachers from Science Department participated in Global Solar Assemblage held at IGI stadium, Delhi on 2nd October 2019. It was an event organised to commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. It was simultaneously held at 5000 different locations across India and around 60 other countries. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay along with MNRE organized this historical event. The Students learnt about how the global temperatures are constantly rising and its impacts on life. Earth Shoot Day i.e. the day of measuring sustainability in terms of the total resources produced by earth and their consumption was discussed in detail. Students were made aware of the fact that if same amount is consumed then there is balance but if the consumption exceeds that of production, then consumption is overshot. The consumption and generation of energy should have a holistic approach, so that it has no adverse implications on the Earth. In the year 2018-19 the Earth Shoot Day arrived in July itself instead in the month of December. Gandhiji’s words of wisdom were recalled that earth gives enough for every one’s need but not for every one’s greed. Relevance of the two Gandhian principles even today was discussed i.e. ’ Production by Masses and not mass production.
Students were given a glimpse into the idea of Energy Swaraj or localized energy self-sufficiency. Energy Swaraj is when communities generate and produce their own energy. It is a state wherein the individuals and communities become sensitive to their own energy needs and become self-aware to govern the generation and consumption of energy within the community such that it is sustainable to live on the earth. Energy Swaraj is based on the AMG Principle: Avoiding the energy needs if they can be avoided, Minimizing the energy needs if they can be minimized and further on, generating the energy by oneself. Based on this concept, the students then assembled their own solar lamps under the guidance of teachers. Two Guinness World Records for the following titles were set in the presence of Ministers like Shri R.K Singh of MNRE, Shri. Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and several other ministers and Ambassadors.
1. A Historical Attempt by students in India on 2nd October, 2019 to create a record - Most People Assembling Solar Powered Lamps simultaneously.
2. Broke the record of - The largest environmental sustainability lesson which is at 2,289 participants, achieved by Larsen & Toubro, Water and Effluent Treatment IC (India) at Chennai, India, on 16 March 2018. The new record set was at 4780.
The programme culminated with a pledge towards nonviolence and lighting of all the solar lamps. Students took immense interest and participated enthusiastically.They learnt the physics of each component used in the assemblage such as Load wire, LED, PCB etc. They also soldered the components themselves. Students engaged in team work and collaboration. The event was a great exposure to the students. It was indeed a proud moment for the students and the teachers to be a part of this grand event of Guinness world records.

Earth Day Celebration

A workshop on “Water Conservation” was organised by the Eco club to celebrate Earth Day in our school premises. Students of classes 4th to 7th participated in the workshop. Mr. Akash from LEAD organisation was the resource person. He sensitized students about the importance of water conservation with the help of visual aids, followed by a healthy interactive session. After this, students were asked to write their pledge on how to save water. Teachers too wrote their pledge and participated in the celebration. It was a fun filled learning experience for the students.

Cleanliness Drive - September 20, 2019

Students of class VIII carried out an awareness drive in the school campus to realize the dream of ‘Clean India’ as visualized by Mahatma Gandhi. Keeping this in mind, the students cleaned every corner of the school and spread a message of cleanliness and its benefits. The students also instilled among their schoolmates and bus drivers the culture of clean and healthy environment by not throwing garbage in the open. All were asked to take a pledge to contribute to a clean nation. The School Principal also reiterated that this initiative of creating public awareness, then it is a true tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. The students and teachers were congratulated and appreciated by her.

Tree Plantation Drive - September 20, 2019

Trees are elixir of life and play an important role in enhancing our quality of life, especially in the urban environment. In line with Gandhiji’s philosophy of conserving our environment and the importance of trees in our lives, a tree plantation drive was carried out in the school premises. The students of class 6th were explained the importance of planting trees and its conservation. After the talk, the students went to the school garden to plant saplings. Our principal ma’am also joined us for the same and encouraged students to adopt a tree and take care of it. The students participated actively and enthusiastically and pledged to plant more and more trees to conserve our environment and ecosystem to make our earth a greener place to live in.

Tree Plantation - 23rd July, 2019

Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar organised a Tree Plantation Activity for classes 1 to 3 on 23rd July, 2019 in the school premises. The students were sensitized towards the need to plant more trees for the preservation of our environment and ecosystem .The main objective of initiating such an activity in the school was to make students conscious of the duties the citizens of the world must undertake to save the mother earth from degradation. The young learners learnt an important life skill and imbibed an essential value of being a nurturer through sapling plantation and it was a sheer joy seeing the little ones being gardeners for the day.

Climate Change - 18th May 2019

A workshop on "Climate Change" was organised by the science department for the students of class 8th to 12th. The resource person Mr. Vikash Chandra spoke about a young girl Greta, who has stood all alone in the war of climate change. He emphasized that students have the maximum potential to change the society at large. The students in the race of curriculum have forgotten the basic value systems, which has led to deterioration of mother Earth. He shared career guidance for social and ecological research, innovation and entrepreneurship to turn around this from crisis to multiple opportunities to build a new future i.e. liveable, equitable, sustainable and has attractions that children can aspire for healthy and happy living.

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